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17th May 2016
Sassy Got Married to Classy

The stage was set with draped fabric; the room filled with flower petals, laughter, and a lot of white girls

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14th October 2015
Exposing Identity: Who We Are and Who We Pretend to Be

Join our panel discussion Tuesday, October 27th at 12:15pm at the State University of New York at Purchase in Humanities 2047, featuring… Nadia

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12th October 2015
Burq Off! My Mother, Myself

Every time I perform Burq Off!, I get hurt.

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24th September 2015
my life

My story is basically the same story as Nadia’s just in a different colour.

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16th September 2015
Cheating On Commitment.

Watch out!

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22nd August 2015
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

I received this story from a brave young woman.

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28th July 2015
The Film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is the pure commodification of old age sexual narratives…that frankly I’m bored of.

This post was originally published on  “Fifty Shades of Grey” was supposed to be the hottest movie of the

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8th July 2015
Aasif Mandvi’s ‘Halal in the Family’ uses laughter to shatter stereotypes

‘Halal in the Family’ is unlike anything else out there.

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21st May 2015
The freedom to choose (or not choose) a spouse

by anonymous The story starts some 130 years ago in Istanbul, during the last golden days of The Ottoman Empire.

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14th May 2015
TV Anchor Joya Dass Shares Her Story

Recently, Joya Dass, TV anchor, filmmaker, and founder of LadyDrinks shared her story with us.

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14th May 2015
Courageous Comedy: Using Laughter to Spark Difficult Dialogues

A Lecture and Performance that Brings Dialogue to Life With news headlines frequently broadcasting stories that reinforce pejorative thought patterns

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26th April 2015
Stories that Breathe: Finding the Story that You Were Meant to Tell

A Memoir Writing Workshop Using Character and Improvisation Our stories unfold as we live them.

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26th April 2015
Loft Session VII: Courage, Creativity, and Identity

Nadia performed an excerpt from her solo show and facilitated a conversation about the moral courage necessary to create our

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26th April 2015

I’m a big fan of Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, and everything the #LeanInTogether campaign is doing!

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16th April 2015
Emerge: New Mediums, New Voices SAWCC Literary Festival 2015

A two day interdisciplinary literary festival featuring screenwriters, memoirists and journalists who challenge the boundaries and contexts of the written

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4th April 2015
International Women’s Day Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion

A screening of “The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar” with creator and producer Ruchika Muchala.

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31st March 2015
Thank You Toronto!

We just wrapped a wonderful week in Toronto, and I’m so happy to have met such wonderful people there.

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31st March 2015
Courageous Comedy: Using Laughter to Spark Difficult Dialogues:A Lecture/Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Nadia performed a segment of her acclaimed solo show and engaged the audience in a lively discussion of how we

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27th March 2015
Reversible: Narrating Identity from the Inside Out and the Outside In A Conference hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi and FIND

Nadia presented on a panel titled Osmosis Navigating Private & Public Spaces.

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26th March 2015



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