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The impulse behind my work — to explore and break free from repressive cultural conditioning and empower other women to recognize how possible that is — informs what I do.

I speak, with panels, in classrooms, on stages, and I’d love to work with you and your community. Below are some examples of workshops or lectures I’ve presented in the past. I can also tailor my work to fit your event or venue!

My goal is to spark awareness about the potential for real change and galvanize women into action to dissolve their hidden veils. I will pursue all opportunities to further this mission.

Courageous Comedy: Using Laughter to Spark Difficult Dialogues

A Lecture and Performance that Brings Dialogue to Life

With news headlines frequently broadcasting stories that reinforce pejorative thought patterns about Eastern cultures in the West, it’s sometimes tricky to engage with this content in a meaningful way. Comedy allows us to investigate the themes of cultural stereotypes and conflicts with a sense of humor and a critical eye. Join Nadia P Manzoor, as she performs a segment from her critically acclaimed one-woman show, shares an episode of her new web-series, and engages the audience in a lively dialogue.

In this ninety minute lecture/performance Nadia brings her own hilarious commentary to the table in asking the universal questions of where to draw the line in satire and political commentary. She entertains and engages audience with questions such as: To what extent can we make fun of our own cultural values? To what extent can we allow other to make fun of our cultural value?

Stories that Breathe: Finding the Story that You Were Meant to Tell

A Memoir Writing Workshop Using Character and Improvisation

Our stories unfold as we live them. Self-reflection through writing is a healing, cathartic process, and the sharing of personal experiences is often the inspiration for others’ transformation. In this memoir writing workshop, we will explore how and why we tell our stories.Through improvisation, movement exercises, and creative writing, we will investigate our inner process and how it can crystallize into a story that can be shared with the world.

In this three hour workshop, participants will gain writing tools and experience somatic exercises that will build their repertoire of creative practices and writing techniques. Valuable and informative for writers, actors, and storytellers of all backgrounds, this workshop will not only develop skills, it will deepen each participants understanding of themselves and the significance of understanding their own story.



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