In the world of Brooklyn, where everything and anything is possible and permissible, two Hijabis strive to find themselves by adopting the latest Western trends of self expression and personal growth. At once a cultural commentary and slapstick comedy, ‘Shugs & Fats’ navigates the absurdities of social conformity through the curious, loud-mouthed perspective of two veiled women.



NadiaPManzoor @NadiaPManzoor
Nadia P Manzoor  @NadiaPManzoor
Oh wonderful Woods, how sweet it is to stay with you for a while. Can you teach us new ways for… 
Nadia P Manzoor  @NadiaPManzoor
RT @WajahatAli:These dumb violent racists will get hurt. Go to a hospital. Where Muslim, immigrant, Jewish doctors will save their lives. #Charlottesville 
Nadia P Manzoor  @NadiaPManzoor
RT @kumailn:White supremacists killed a person today. In America. In broad daylight. We're devastated but we are not surprised. 


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