Courageous Comedy: Using Laughter to Spark Difficult Dialogues

A Lecture and Performance that Brings Dialogue to Life

With news headlines frequently broadcasting stories that reinforce pejorative thought patterns about Eastern cultures in the West, it’s sometimes tricky to engage with this content in a meaningful way. Comedy allows us to investigate the themes of cultural stereotypes and conflicts with a sense of humor and a critical eye. Join Nadia P Manzoor, as she performs a segment from her critically acclaimed one-woman show, shares an episode of her new web-series, and engages the audience in a lively dialogue.

In this ninety minute lecture/performance Nadia brings her own hilarious commentary to the table in asking the universal questions of where to draw the line in satire and political commentary. She will both entertain and engage the audience with questions such as To what extent can we make fun of our cultural values? And To what extent can we allow other to make fun of our cultural values?


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