Public Speaking

Nadia has engaged with audiences at Harvard, Columbia, and The School of the Art Institute Chicago. She’s shared the stage with Irshad Manji and Liz Plank, and given interviews with Deepak Chopra and Christiane Amanpour.

Nadia’s one-woman show Burq Off! speaks with humor and heart about navigating the cultural tension of being a Muslim in the West. In talkbacks, panels, and presentations, she sparks conversations about identity, feminism, and her personal path from addiction and abuse to self-realization through creative collaboration. Her work as a performer, teacher, and writer enables her to speak with wit and insight about the intersectionality of Islam and gender parity and to contextualize these topics in an accessible way for diverse audiences.

Nadia often pairs performance with presentation, and is invested in integrating humor into all that she does. She enjoys sharing the stage with fellow artists, activists and cultural critics, but is also available to deliver keynote and commencement addresses.

2017@Paprika Productions

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