We are a production company whose mission is to produce authentic, socially relevant stories through theater, film, events and workshops that unearth hidden truths, dispute cultural norms, dissolve stigmas, and catalyze laughter. Our projects include the branding and producing of Burq Off!’s sold out runs in NYC, London, Toronto, LA, and San Francisco, and the Gotham Award winning web series Shugs & Fats. Additionally, we’ve worked with WEP, The Moral Courage Project, Intersections International, and SAIPAF to create events that further our mission. Our work energizes audiences to understand that change is possible, silence can be broken, and shame can be shaken off.

Meet the Team

Nadia Manzoor is the Founder and Executive Producer of Paprika Productions. Her imagination and vision drive the company in its creative endeavors and her stories and characters shape the content we create. The company was founded to fuse Nadia’s commitment to social justice with her passion for storytelling and comedy, and focuses on building platforms for amplifying voices that aren’t often heard.

Nadia’s leadership centers around the concept of collective genius. Through her performances, speaking engagements, and work practices, she seeks to empower the diversity of opinions and ideas that foster dynamic innovation.

Tara Elliott is a theater director and producer who brings her passion for storytelling to all elements of her work with Paprika. From developing and directing Burq Off! through brainstorming structures and forms for new content, Tara is a pragmatist with big dreams. She is instrumental in shaping workshops and events, branding content, and scaffolding creative processes.

Outside of Paprika Productions Tara is a freelance director and producer and a current MFA Directing candidate at Brooklyn College. As a theater artist, she is interested in asking questions about the human experience of shame, the cultural experience of sameness and otherness, and the use of power structures such as language, gender, class, race, and belief.


Marina Romashko is the creative minded business side of Paprika Productions. She oversees branding, marketing, social media and web presence, and is constantly brainstorming about innovative ways to get the word out there. She leads visionary goal-setting initiatives to insure we are setting priorities and reaching goals. She’s always got an idea up her sleeve.

Outside of Paprika Productions, Marina the Founder of Big Idea Lab, a company that concentrates on helping individuals in executing their big ideas. As an idea coach she is constantly seeking and nurturing innovative ideas in herself and others. You can read more here.


Paprika Productions works with an army of talented freelancers to bring our stories to life. Some of the key players include Olga Polyakova who makes the internet do our bidding, Justin Matson, who makes our online presence funnier than it already is, Alex Mallis, whose creative ideas have helped us grow, and Mo Faramwy, whose editing expertise has made Shugs & Fats come together.
You’ve got a story you need the world to hear, but you’re not sure how to tell it? Well, that’s what we do. We’ve produced panel discussions, educational workshops, and writing labs, and in every instance, we are committed to making your voice heard. We are organizers, synthesizers, collaborators and brand managers, and we want to hear your story. Have an idea? Share it with us.
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