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Burq Off! One Woman, Twenty-One Characters, A Burqa, A Bikini.

Burq Off! is an autobiographical coming of age story about a British Pakistani girl trying to find herself in a world of conflicting norms. Nadia was raised as a cultural yoyo, bouncing between the expectations of her conservative Muslim family and her saucy British school friends. Love, lies, a burqa and a bikini. Nadia has no idea who she is, but she’ll try anything to find out.

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NadiaPManzoor @NadiaPManzoor
Nadia P Manzoor  @NadiaPManzoor
RT @marclamonthill:Mike Pence is becoming increasingly disrespectful of the rules. He continues to lie with stunning ease. He’s a soft… 
Nadia P Manzoor  @NadiaPManzoor
RT @SarahMunir1:Tip of the hat to badass comedians @AizzahFatima, @thefawz, @monascomedy and @NadiaPManzoor for letting me into their world 


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